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Teaching All Over provide quality tuition for Junior Primary students, Secondary, Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in both face to face and online modes.
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Exam Preparation

Our qualified and screened tutors can assist with exam preparation at the request of the student. We offer this service in both face to face and online capacities. Negotiating with the student prior to the session, our tutors will taylor a session to meet the requirements of the client. We encourage students to be specific about their course content requirements so that tutors have the opportunity to thoroughly prepare material in keeping with the needs of the student. We provide students with the opportunity to liaise via email with the tutor prior to the sessions commencement so that the student and tutor are thoroughly aware of what topics the tuition session is to cover.

As much as possible, we try to accommodate major examination periods when timetabling our exam preparation sessions. These sessions are available in a one to one or group environment. Whilst some students may prefer the one to one access they get to a tutor, the group tuition sessions are very popular in an exam preparation format for the cost effectiveness and also because with multiple students, the often 'unasked' questions become asked and therefore answered.