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Teaching All Over provide quality tuition for Junior Primary students, Secondary, Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in both face to face and online modes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Following are a list of questions that we frequently are asked. A question you have about our organisation may be answered on this page. If not, please contact us so we can address your query:

Who are we?
Teaching All Over is an organisation set up primarily to provide in home tuition services to students from Kindergarten to year 12 and beyond. We have a vast array of tutors all qualified to assist you in you/your child's studies.

What happens once I engage the service of a tutor?
A tutor is there to assist you/your child academically. They are qualified do do this. Once this happens tuition will generally revolve around specifiec areas that you/your child provides the tutor with.
An example might be that a problem area in Maths's and more specifically percentages. To assist in the tuition process and to ake the procedure more practical we generally ask that the tutee provides the stimulus material in which he or she is having difficulty (for insttance an assignment or textbook).If it is more suitable programs of work can be organized if general tuition is what required for a specific area/subject.

How do I go about engaging the services of a tutor?
By contacting Teaching All over either via email, telephone or in writing. When contacting Teaching All Over be sure to notify us of the following:

  • The name of the potential tutee
  • The age of the potential tutee and year level at school or course if appropriate
  • The subject area in which the tutee requres tuition(this can be all subjects)
  • The amount of time you would like to spend with the tutee each week
  • The address where tuition is to occur
  • Return contact details
  • Any specific requests you might have in relation to a tutor and tutoring times

What happens once i have placed a request for a tutor?
Once a request for tuition has been made our aim is to fill that request as soon as possible. We understand that often tuition is required immediately and consequently we aim to place tutors within 24 hours of a request being made if that is the request of the tutee. We appoint a tutor qualified in the subject area required and willing to work in your geographic area. Once this happens the tutor will contact you to arrange an appropriate time for the first session.

What happens if i feel the tutor appointed isn't appropriate?
We are aware that not all people 'click?and the tutor we appoint won't always be suitable. Unfortunately we don't know this until a session has taken place. However, after this initial session takes place and the tutee feels that the tutor isn't appropriate we ask that Teaching All Over is contacted so an alternate and more appropriate tutor can be found. We encourage tutors to do the same if they feel a tutoring assignment isn't appropriate for them. We cannot establish a more appropriate tutor if we are not aware that a problem exists.

Is the tutor approved?
Our tutors are experts in their field. They either have tertiary qualification in the subject area they tutor or are studying to complete a tertiary qualification in the subject area they tutor. All tutors have been checked for Employment Screening Purposes in regard to working with children by the NSW Department of Education and Training Employment Screening Agency. This ensures the tutor appointed to you/your child is of the highest quality.

Who are our clients?
We cater for anyone who has an educational need. The vast majority of our clients are secondary age school pupils who require tuition in specific subjects. However, we provide services for clients such as full time academic tutors who substitute as teachers. Any academic request can be made to us however unusual it may seem.