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Teaching All Over provide quality tuition for Junior Primary students, Secondary, Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in both face to face and online modes.
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Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring with Teaching All Over

Our flexible, online, interactive and engaging online tuition allows for flexible and affordable methods. After logging into a session, students will have quality tutors at their fingertips, in a virtual learning environment. Our national database of tutors means that we can find students a tutor who best meets their needs from a pool of hundreds of tutors. The features of our online tuition classrooms allow for multifunctional methods of communication between student and tutor. This virtual classroom environment ensures the features of face to face tuition are provided in a cost effective and adaptable manner. Like all of our tuition options, there is no lock in contracts and students only pay for the time spent in tuition.

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Online Classroom Manual

The information in the attachment below will allow students to become familiar with the software that we use in our online tutorials. An understanding of this, prior to a tuition sessions commencement will mean that more time is spent on teaching and learning and less is spent on familiarisation of the software's functions. We thoroughly recommend that students gain a sound working knowledge of this manual prior to logging into a session.

Click here to download PDF manual

Given below is an illustration image for Teaching All Over Online classroom Online_Classroom_Overview